Friday, March 4, 2011

Touring the East Coast and #nycscitweetup

Tomorrow starts my band's second East Coast tour. As luck would have it, we're going to be playing very close to the #nycscitweetup, which is March 7th at 7 pm at Ninth Ward.

Our show is a short L-train ride away in Brooklyn, at Public Assembly. We go on at 10:30 pm, which means I will be able to hang out with science people for a bit in Manhattan, then jump over to Brooklyn to play a show, hopefully with some other sci people in attendance! It's probably the SciMuse dream if there ever was one (P.S. I heard BoraZ is gonna be there)!

So if you want to talk music or nerdery or even both with me in person, here's your chance! We're also hitting other places up and down the East Coast. Check out the tour schedule here.

You can also check out an interview with me about my band and our tour posted over at Star Beat Music.

Hope to see some of you out at both!