Friday, November 12, 2010

DOUBLE Brainbows (all the way)

The meaning of the word BRAINBOWS is dualistic and both sides of the coin are equally awesome.

Exhibit 1.
A BRAINBOW of neurons in the auditory cortex. These are the neurons that enable you listen to Exhibit 2.

Brainbows, the awesome imaging technique created back in 2007 by Jeff Lichtman's research group at Harvard, in which he was able to use old scientific tricks such as taking glowing fluorescent colors from jellyfish and coral, combining them in the neurons of mice, and using their color palette to make each individual neuron in the brain emit of different color of pretty glowing light. These images have won a few scientific photography prizes and seem to be a modern-day equivalent of the painstakingly hand-drawn pictures of neurons that Santiago Ramón y Cajal created during the dawn of the study of neuroscience.
Cajal's drawing of a Purkinje cell that lives in the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls movement, enabling Exhibit 2 to play their instruments. 

Exhibit 2.

BRAINBOWS, the band's first show.

Brainbows, the new band that rose from the ashes of the short lived local Chapel Hill/Durham band Just Friends to become a phoenix of frantic energy as illuminating and colorful as Exhibit 1. They are playing an early show (6 pm!) next Friday November 19 at the awesome and also new All Day Records in Carrboro. Now you know what you're doing a week from today.

This post was short and sweet, but I'll be back with more posts next week! Hope the weekend is illuminating.

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