Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Rock Stars of Science!

The new Rock Stars of Science campaign is live! 

 DEBBIE HARRY of Blondie fame, posing with Sloan-Kettering cancer researchers Joan Massague, Craig B. Thompson, and Charles L. Sawyers.

 If you have an opportunity to pick up the December 2010 issue of GQ, you'll be able to see a glossy spread of famous musicians posing with famous scientists. The whole idea is to get the rock stars to shed a little of their light onto the scientists who have accomplished much in furthering our ability to treat diseases and discover more about the world around us. Since many people can name favorite musicians but would be hard pressed to name a favorite scientist, this is a fun and exciting project.

Ann and Nancy Williams of HEART flank two Nobel Laureates, Phillip A. Sharp and Elizabeth H. Blackburn.

Chris Mooney of the Intersection wrote a bit about the musicians and scientists featured last year here, but this year's list is even better! The list of scientists includes four women and two African Americans, which is a good showing that science isn't just for old white guys. In addition, five of the scientists listed also happen to play music! The scientist-musicians include two guitarists, a pianist, a keyboardist in a rock band, and a jazz musician.

One of my favorite pictures of the bunch is the one below of Keri Hilson and Timbaland posing with Bernard A. Harris Jr., the first African American astronaut to spacewalk, and cardiac surgeon Mehmet Oz (also a pianist!).

Everyone in this image just looks so dapper (gold sequins! bowtie!) and I can't help but think that Dr. Harris looks especially fetching holding a NASA helmet while standing next to Kerri Hilson. Maybe Neil deGrasse Tyson has planted a special love in my heart for black space scientists.

To see the full set of pictures and list of scientists and musicians, check out the Rock Stars of Science website or just pick up the December issue of GQ!


  1. I nominated Rich for that one thru Discovery... wonder why GQ didn't catch up with him.

  2. Now, how many of those people became pathbreaking scientists by just being?

  3. LOVE this, scientists are cool, look how well they pull off a suit!