Thursday, July 1, 2010

Richard McLaughlin, Local Renaissance Man.

If you live in the Research Triangle area and are a fan of really awesome music and really awesome science, you definitely need to check out what's going down in Chapel Hill tonight.

Rich McLaughlin, of The Pneurotics, will be speaking at the University of North Carolina's Morehead Planetarium tonight at 7 pm on his research that involves underwater oil plumes and how they relate to the BP oil spill. This event is FREE and part of Morehead's Current Science Forums held every month.

Rich is getting a lot of amazing press lately for his research with fluid dynamics. Recently he was mentioned in a New York Times blog AND appeared on CNN.

To add to the awesome, immediately after Rich drops some science at the planetarium, he is heading down Franklin St. to play a rock show at the Local 506. If that isn't the SciMuse lifesyle, I don't know what is. I wonder if the organizers of the Science Forums know about Rich's double life.

I have a new SciMuse interview almost ready to post, and the aforementioned summer beats review is almost ready, but tonight I'm psyched to be nerding out, and then rocking out. Hopefully I'll get to feature Rich on the blog soon.

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  1. Let me just tell you that Rich was incredible last night! TOTALLY ROCKED OUT. He killed it with presence, style, and flair.

    And I'm talking about at the science forum. I'm sure the 506 show was awesome too.

    I'll bet Rich slept well last night. Thanks, Rich! And thank you for posting this info.

    Jonathan, (Morehead Science Forum Guy)