Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday: Consumption

Today was the first day of No Impact Week! The focus of the day was consumption. The guidelines set out were to avoid buying anything unnecessary, and to try to buy second-hand items and make things yourself instead of buying things new.

Compulsive shopping isn't really a huge issue with me to begin with, and I feel that it's even less of an issue now that I'm living on a grad stipend. I'm usually pretty good about avoiding buying frivolous things in general, but I will admit that I don't think I give enough thought to trying to buy things second-hand. I enjoy going to thrift stores and scoring something I was going to buy new for a really great price, so I will definitely keep that option in mind for the items I was planning to buy this week. I would have actually gone thifting today if most shops weren't closed on Sundays and if there was something I needed to buy for this week, but right now I think I'm covered.

I started a reusable bag to track all the trash that I will accumulate for the week, and managed to throw away only one small piece of plastic wrap that was covering the bowl in the fridge of homemade salsa I had for dinner. I actually went the whole day without buying anything, since it was dreary outside and I decided to stay in and catch up on reading and studying. The only hard part of the day was the urge to go out and buy some falafel and hummus for a meal, but I decided to suck it up and eat what I had around the house. Besides, getting take out was likely to create styrofoam waste that I'd have to look at all week in my trash-tracking bag. So far, so good! Since each day builds on the next, we'll see if I can keep this focused for the rest of the week (though I will admit that it's sort of a cop-out when you don't leave the house).

Tomorrow I tackle: TRASH.

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