Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday: Food

I will admit, I didn't try too hard on this day's assignment. The goal was to try to eat locally, but I already had food in the fridge and was tempted by falafel and hummus on the street at lunchtime. I made some trash from buying that and, GASP, threw it away instead of saving it for my trash bag. But I'll remember how much it was. A plate, a styrofoam cup (yes, I know, for shame), and a plastic fork. I wish that place had dishes that weren't disposable as an option for dining in.

But, on the plus side, I biked to the coffeeshop (3+ miles!), remembered to bring my reusable coffee mug (it's another place that only offers disposable cups/dishes), and biked my way home. I also hopped on the bike to get to the bar where I met up with some friends. I decided that if I didn't eat locally today, I was going to drink locally, so I choose a delicious Duck Rabbit Porter straight from Farmville, NC.

I don't know how well I'll be able to eat locally since the only option right now for local produce is Whole Foods or maybe Harris Teeter, and I have plenty of frozen and canned food at home and no need to buy new things. I think this might be the hardest challenge of the week, even above trying not to make any trash!

But we'll see. Tomorrow brings me the challenge of ENERGY!

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