Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday: Energy

To use less energy today I turned the heat in the house down to 60 degrees. It really doesn't make a difference right now since it's not too cold outside and the temperature inside is still around 74 degrees, but it still made me feel better. I'm going to start turning it lower when I'm the last to leave the house too. I'm also going to pledge to stop using my computer to procrastinate by instituting a rule that I can't use the computer past 10:30 pm. I'll make an exception for school-work if necessary. I was going to buy some candles to use after dark instead of my lamps, but the thought slipped my mind! So maybe tomorrow I'll try to pick some up, but in the meantime I will save energy by going to bed early.

Night night, world. We take on water tomorrow.

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